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World Book Day… ?


Our jury is still out on whether World Book Day is March 5th or April 23rd, but every day is World Book Day at Way Gother HQ so why not share a few of our faves with you? Here are 5 books we insist you read immediately.


Decades before American Horror Story introduced us to it’s freaks, Katherine Dunn created a carnival of characters that can never be replaced in our hearts. Geek Love opens with a husband and wife who’s failing freak show inspires them to ‘breed’ their own oddity-ridden children by getting fucked up on some incredibly gnarly drugs. When recommending this book to others, we always mention that it made us blush in public on more than one occasion. What really gives it a place on the bookshelf in our hearts is it’s ability to make you love and hate the characters so passionately.


the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle was the first Murakami novel we ever read (which we actually don’t recommend, you should start with 1Q84) and it changed our lives forever. It’s like reading a dream that you’ve just awoken from; you’ll feel so confident about certain parts, and so wishy washy, vague about others. It’s hazy but powerful, and feels like reading a novel of poetry. Here are a few of our favorites quotes to give you an idea of what to expect…
I looked at it in the mirror, but between myself and the body I saw there, I felt a long, terrible distant.
She ran her left index finger over her mouth as if to check that she was still alive
and our favorite…
Maybe the world was like a revolving door, it occurred to him as his consciousness was fading away. And which section you ended up in was just a matter of where your foot happened to fall. There were tigers in one section, but no tigers in another. Maybe it was as simple as that.


We personally think Nicholas Christopher is one of the most underrated authors of our time. Veronica, the Bestiary, and of course A Trip to the Stars have all dazzled us. They’re the kind of books you’ll fall head first in to, and never want to come up for air.


This is our #1 pick for classic science fiction. If you don’t dabble often in this genre, don’t worry, it’s not intimidating, and you can enjoy it alone, or delve much deeper into the Ender universe with the rest of the series. What has always amazed us about Card is his ability to invent alien life forms that are so truly inhuman. It’s nothing we could ever imagine dreaming up on our own, and we have so much respect for that ability.


If you’ve seen the 2007 adaptation of I Am Legend starring Will Smith, don’t worry, you still know nothing about this book. The movie is actually the third (and failed in our opinion) attempt at converting this masterpiece to the silver screen. Richard Matheson’s novella takes place in a post apocalyptic, vampire infested world. Sounds intense, right? The funny thing is, what we love so much about this story is it’s subtlety. It’s so realistic, so scientific, it feels eerily real in a way that horror rarely is. Written in 1954, it feels drastically ahead of it’s time, and at a whopping 180 pages, you’ll be able to devour it in just a few hours.


Until next time, Stay Way Gother.


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