there will never be a 'new black'

March Full Moon

780619-1440x900-HollMarch’s full moon is known as the Crow Moon, the time of year when crows start to caw again, signifying the end of winter. It’s also referred to as the Worm Moon, because the earth worms start to come out, but crows are way gother so we’re sticking with that. This full moon is also the smallest of the year. It’s approximately 50,000 kilometers farther than our closest full moon, the super moon, which will grace our presence in September. At first we didn’t think sounded like much, but then we found this comparison from 2007 of the closest and farthest moon, and it’s kind of epic.

Lunar_perigee_apogeeWe’re suddenly feeling a little lonely with the moon so far away.

LUNATICS-LEGGINGS-1-1_grandeLunatic Leggings from Actual Pain

Here’s all you need to know about these leggings… they are comfy as fuck. Like, sweatpants comfy, and no matter how often we wear them, we still get complimented on them, every single time.

il_fullxfull.591781819_k7mhDark Side Moon Phases from ABJ Glassworks

Handmade to order in Philadelphia, this black stained glass moon phase wall hanging is really tugging at our heartstrings. It’s available with silver or copper metal and spans a stunning 30 inches. We think it would be perfect over a bed, or hanging straight down in a collage of artwork.

il_fullxfull.591686334_n1dpAlso available with translucent moons and in smaller sizes.

Moon Phase Coasters from Common Rebels

Crow Leather Hair Barrette from Wing and Talon

After all, it is the Crow Moon.

Look forward to our Way Gother Road Trip photos, and until then, Stay Way Gother.


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