there will never be a 'new black'

February Full Moon

73844885.90r7lwRvphoto by Dan Bush

The February full moon is also named the Hunger Moon and the Snow Moon. In addition to the luminous moon tonight you can also see Jupiter! Go ahead, go look! It’s really bright, but if you can’t find it, check out EarthSky. Sign up for their emails. You won’t be disappointed.


DON’T GET EXCITED! You can NOT buy this GLOWING moon clutch. We just stumbled upon this, and it is absolutely blowing our minds. Not only is that moon glowing, there’s also an inner slot to slide in different moon phase panels so that a different amount of the moon is lit up. Like we said, you can’t buy it. It was a one of a kind, but there are pretty rad detailed directions on how it was made HERE. Major epic props to the creator. You have blown our little goth minds, we’re not worthy (translation: make us one????)

il_fullxfull.635584200_2g7cMoon Phase Calendar from Little Lark

So… is having two moon phase calendars in your home excessive?
It’s no secret that we are die hard Rendij Studios fans, and that will never change. We just can’t get over the layout of this particular calendar. The HUGE moon gives it a totally different look. We’re answering our own question, no, two moon phase calendars is not excessive. Go for it!

moondress01Blue Moon Jersey Dress from Shadowplaynyc

Shadowplaynyc is based in Brooklyn, where they are hand making all of their garments and accessories. They’re also digitally printing their own fabrics with real photos from NASA, so as far as a Moon Dress goes, it doesn’t really get any more legit than this. And it’s jersey, and it’s asymmetrical, and it’s going to look so good on you, belt or not belt.

owlandmouse1aMouse & Owl. Alchemical Rosary from Blood Milk 

Our Blood Milk ‘Wish Lists’ are longer than some novellas. This rosary is every goth girl’s dream come true. The detail in the mouse bones, the way the Owl Talons form the crescent moon; it’s all perfection.

il_fullxfull.649649229_kl85Full Moon Clock from Meluseena

This perfectly simplistic clock is based off of an original painting by artist Lisa Falzon. We think it would look great in a wall collage of art, empty frames, and other hangable trinkets.


This is a photo of 12 successive full moons photographed from May 2005 to April 2006. No two moons are alike.

Until next time, Stay Way Gother.


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