there will never be a 'new black'

Winter Goth


In honor of the impending snow storm, we thought we would share our favorite ways to stay warm without compromising your Way Gother aesthetic. So, from head to toe, here goes.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.19.05 PMGuilty as Sin beanie from Black Scale

Everyone needs a black beanie and this one is just a little bit gother than the rest. While you’re shopping black-scale.com we highly recommend picking up this FUNERAL towel, perfect for drying wine glasses.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 1.14.34 PMShapeshifter Shawl from Morph Knitwear

You can go ahead and throw away every scarf you’ve ever bought, the Shapeshifter Shawl is all you’ll ever want and need.  The only word to describe it is EPIC. Each one is HAND MADE by bad-ass knitting machine, Angela. Wear it as a shawl or a scarf, your neck will never be cold again.

Image-1Leather Trench from SKINGRAFT

This is a leather trench that even Blade and Neo would be jealous of. From the high collar to the uneven hem, we’re drooling over every detail. It’s also very on sale right now.

il_570xN.562101370_qc0aLong Sleeve Vent Tee/Mini Dress from BabooshkaBoutique

BabooshkaBoutique is our kind of shop. It’s independently run by Francesca Durand, based in Pittsburgh PA (represent!) and everything is made in the USA. Francesca describes her designs as season-less basics, which is our new favorite phrase to describe everything we want to wear, ever. This top is pretty much perfection, the fabric drapes perfectly on your frame, it comes in multiple ‘colors’ (black, grey and dark purple, so you can own more than one!) and it’ll layer well with anything. Also, we’re going to hybernate now, wake us up when it’s summer and we can wear the Vent-Tee Maxi Dress every single day.

Image-1 2Full Length Fingerless Gloves from Morph Knitwear

We’ve gotta talk about REAL #gothgirlproblems for a minute here. It’s cold outside and our skinny witch fingers are so cold they feel like they’re going to snap off like icicles, but we refuse to leave home without our Blood Milk rings on, so gloves are simply not an option.
Well, Angela of Morph Knitwear has come up with a solution. Truly fingerless gloves that you can slip on over all of your jewels to keep your hands warm. The way these beauties are designed, you can even curl your fingers into your palms for complete protection from the cold. And they’re f*cking gorgeous, so you can leave them on while sipping cocktails at your local vampire bar.

Image-1 3Hamlet Black Toasties from BlackMilk Clothing

Where do we start? BlackMilk Leggings are simply the best. They come in about a million different patterns and colors, they make your body look KILLER, and they’re cat claw proof (our cats were nice enough to prove it to us.) So just when we thought we couldn’t love BlackMilk any more, they went and made Toasties, yes, fleece lined leggings. They come in a few styles, but obviously, we picked the pair printed with Shakespeare’s great tragedy, Hamlet.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.02.15 PMMonster Socks from Toy Machine

Just because you are an adult does NOT mean you have to wear grown up socks! These striped monsters are thick and will keep your feet super warm. The best part though is kicking your shoes off at the end of a long shitty day to find these creeps staring up at you. They’re guaranteed to make even the most miserable goth smile. We even have a special pair that we wear when we’re hungover….

IMG_6096Alix Boots from Dr. Marten’s

We know, we know, we told you about the Alix boots months ago, but they’re still our go-to footwear whether we’re sloshing through muddy cemeteries or wandering art museums for hours. Oh, see that little clip on the side of the boot? That’s the Smith & Wesson Executive, because every girl should have a knife in her boot.


Until next time, stay warm and stay Way Gother.


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