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Happy first full moon!

25322_sky_black-white_full_moonHappy first full moon of the new year way gother guys and ghouls!!! We thought we would put together a list of our favorite moon related things for all of you luna-tics out there.il_570xN.378065124_3jlsUnder This Moon Necklace from Gemagenta

We love personalized gifts, the way we love original art. It’s something that no one else has, and it makes us cherish it so much more. The trick about customizing is that it’s often done cheaply, we’re having visions of our names in puffy paint on Hanes sweatshirts. That’s where these Moon Necklaces come in. They are so simple, and so thoughtful. At checkout you give them the date you want remembered, an anniversary, the recipient’s birthday, and the location that the event took place, and they send you the moon phase that would have been visible in the sky on that very evening.

il_570xN.381234232_9jzmIncredible, right? Don’t you wonder what the moon looked like on the day that you were born?

il_fullxfull.668725200_o0pt2015 Moon Phase Calendar framed in poplar

Rendij Studios has changed our lives. We consult this calendar at least once a week. It has tiny astrological signs next to the date to mark when they start and the dates of full and new moons are circled to make your life even easier. It’s available in any and every color your little cold frozen heart could desire. You can get it without the frame, but you’ll probably regret it. We’re only a few days into January, get it now!

il_570xN.577887433_9evbLa Lune from Hipporacle

These beautiful hand painted full moons are made, to order, for you when you purchase them. You also get to choose from blue, pink, or traditional grey. We consider this a must have addition to every art collection.

She also has a ton of amazing WIP pictures on her instagram. Check it out.

constellation_quilt_original_grandeThe Constellation Quilt from Haptic Lab

We’ve actually made a few quilts in our time, and we’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into every one, literally. We’re under the impression that these are blood free (sorry vampires,) but that doesn’t make them any less desirable. The constellations are based on the October sky (hello favorite month of the year) around the 40th parallel of the Northern Hemisphere, which is serendipitously, where we are located!
CQ_001_grandeAlso…. cat model!

MG_9773_1024x1024Moon Dominoes from Fredericks & Mae

These dominoes might be a little pricey, but you will seriously blow everyone’s minds for all of eternity with this set. It’s so clever, and we think dominoes are due to make a come back.


That’s all of the moon things we can share with you tonight! We have to save some for the other 13 full moons this year!

Also, Way Gother resolution… we’re going to post more. We promise.

Until next time, Stay Way Gother.


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