there will never be a 'new black'

Happy Krampusnacht to everyone!

Gruss vom Krampus

It’s like other winter celebrations only WAY gother. We want more holidays to have villains. We’re imagining Bunnicula eating all of your easter candy before you wake up.

We thought we’d let you guys in on all of our favorite Krampus stuff, so here goes…

il_570xN.694637755_4vzcKrampus Tote from Mab Graves

Mab’s tote is what stirred our desire to make this list, so we had to start out with it! We love EVERYTHING Mab makes, we’ve featured her paintings in a #DarkArtsOriginals post, and featured her adorable kitty paintings in a caturday post. It isn’t often that we get to see something this dark and demonic from Mab and we LOVE what she’s done with him.il_570xN.694637995_irxvClose up! Look at those cute kids in Krampus’ sack!

Krampus_Ornament_1_1024x1024Krampus the Christmas Devil Glass Ornament from Middle of Beyond

We originally found Middle of Beyond after tons and tons of internet digging to find the maker of this rug. So then we found the rest of their rugs and melted into a puddle of despair that we don’t own them all. We’re POSITIVE that Santa can fit that Devil Tarot Card Rug down the Way Gother HQ chimney. Long story short, they also make tons of rad Krampus stuff. The ornament is our favorite but the scarf and sweater are pretty irresistible too.

il_570xN.675598030_f6whKrampus Gift Tags from Bedlam Supply Company

We love wrapping gifts almost as much as buying them and giving them. No gift is complete without a tag and these tags are WAY GOTHER.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 8.26.58 AMKrampus Socks from RipNDip

We love socks. Who doesn’t? They’re rad stocking stuffers and we personally can never have enough. That may have to do with our Sock Monster, he prefers left socks, so we’re always in need of new pairs!

il_570xN.526911888_rsmyKrampus Ornament from Dellamorte Co.

No xmas tree is complete without one of these super detailed, super creepy Krampus Ornament. For EPIC Krampus fans, Dellamorte also offers these Krampus Statues!il_570xN.387701569_hu7p

il_570xN.673671522_so2hTerrifying, awesome and available HERE

krampus_book_1Krampus, the devil of Christmas book 

We had seen this book floating around on the internet and then when we were last at Strand, we had the pleasure of flipping through it. You can see us LITERALLY flipping through it on our Instagram. It’s a truly beautiful book and will make a great addition to any library. If you live in or are visiting NYC, you can find this book at Strand, in the BASEMENT, on the Mythology & Occult table. Yes, that was a real sentence.

deathtraitors_front_1024x1024Krampus Sweater from Shredders

Did you get invited to a dumb ‘ugly sweater’ holiday party? Well here’s an ugly sweater that you’ll actually get some use out of. Shredders is a rad company, and our only complaint about them is that they have too many sweaters to choose from. If you don’t go with Krampus, go with Baphomet.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.58.40 PMBill Crisafi is Krampus

Bill is awesome. This just makes him way awesomer.

That’s a wrap (no pun intended.) Have fun out there tonight. If you are having a hard time telling the bad kids from the good kids, the bigger ones are usually worse. They’re also harder to fit in your sack/basket though. Good luck. Until next time,

Stay Way Gother.


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