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Way Gother Gift Guide: Leather Love

It’s no secret that Halloween is our favorite holiday, but the one thing it lacks, is PRESENTS! We LOVE presents. We love giving them, we love getting them, we love buying them, we love wrapping them. Sooooooo, this holiday season, we’ve been busy gathering goodies that will be perfect for any and every person in your life. Enjoy!

First up! Gifts for anyone with an affinity for leather.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 10.49.49 PMDr. Marten’s Alix Boots

Everybody needs a pair of Dr. Marten’s. We recently added these Alix Boots to our collection and we were NOT disappointed. The pointy toe gives them a really witchy vibe, and while we at first rolled our eyes at the zipper, with 10 eyelets, we begrudgingly admitted that it’s really convenient. We scored ours for a really good price on Amazon, so add them to your cart, and then keep an eye on them.

il_570xN.457633945_sst9-1Batwing Boot Straps from Contrived to Charm

Boot harnesses seem to be a dying breed, but Tiffany from Contrived to Charm is keeping them alive. These are the perfect accessory to add a little spookiness to any pair of boots. Contrived to Charm also makes some gorgeous hand crafted leather belts and bags, but these Batwing boot straps are so unique, we think they make the BEST gift.

il_570xN.657122002_qevkMini Coffin Crossbody Bag from CrowSLC

Ummmm, we’re obsessed. This is what WE want for x-mas. Mom, Santa, anyone… SOMEONE… buy us this Mini Coffin Bag! CrowSLC is everything we could dream for in a company- independently run by a badass babe who only uses simple hand tools to create everything. And duh, all of her materials are sourced in the USA. What we adore SO fucking much about this bag is that it’s coffin shaped, but not in that terrible way that screams Hot Topic. It’s so clean, so simple, so absolutely perfect in every single way.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 5.48.58 PM

They also make a larger, Coffin shaped Tote. We’re dying.

il_570xN.646529722_7hjnMini Soy Candles from Three Ravens Candle Co.

**STOCKING STUFFER** You’ve heard us sing the praises of Three Ravens Candle Company before, but seriously, these candles are life changing. The mini versions are perfect as stocking stuffers, and come in a variety of scents. So, why are they perfect for Leather Lovers? Because Pyre and Rebellatrix both have notes of Leather that smell like the real deal. The full size versions are great as gifts too, they come wrapped in black tissue paper and then placed in a beautiful, really sturdy gift box, complete with a ribbon and a tag describing the scent inside. Check out the whole line and read about the rest of the scents HERE.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.52.59 PMThe BookBook from Twelve South

Obviously, we want everything in life to look like a book. Twelve South is helping us make that dream a reality. You can now make your iPhone, iPad (in every size) and MacBook look just like your favorite, worn, well loved novel. The iPhone case version even doubles as a wallet.

IMG_6389Body Chain from JAKIMAC

Harnesses have come a LONG way in the last few years. We remember seeing a Zana Bayne harness for the first time and thinking, that is SO cool, and we do NOT have the guts to wear it. Now we feel like a harness is a wardrobe staple and the styles and designs are endless. While wandering the internet for something we haven’t seen yet in harness-wear, we stumbled upon this incredible body chain. We’re obsessed with the drama that this leather/chain/spike trio creates, and somehow, we think it looks even less s&m-y than most harnesses.

jennibick02568_2267_2691526823Recycled Leather Notebooks from Jenni Bick Bookbinding

There is no one in the world that doesn’t need a notebook. Even if you don’t think you need a notebook, and someone gives you one, you’ll use it. These gems come in different sizes and thicknesses and they’re available with blank pages or lined. We love the fact that the leather is 100% recycled and the paper is at least 50% recycled. It gets better. They come in 23 different colors. There a FOUR purples to choose from! The reason this notebook is going to win you MAJOR gift giving points? Custom embossing available. Up to 2 lines, 20 characters per line. Personalized presents are the BEST. We like the idea of receiving one of these notebooks as a gift and then picking up a new one whenever we needed it, so that we could end up with a collection like you see above. They would look killer on a bookshelf.

That’s it! Way Gother Gift Guide: Leather Love complete.

Coming soon: Way Gother Gift Guide: Cat Lady edition.

Until then, Stay Way Gother.


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