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NYCC is Way Gother

Sorry for our lack of posts, we spent a very busy, very fun weekend in NYC. We were really really lucky to score some 4 days passes to New York Comic Con from our good friend Kevin. He’s an amazing artist and is participating in our upcoming ‘Your Coffin or Mine’ show! Check out his work HERE.

We thought it only fair to share some of our favorite discoveries from NYCC with you. So here goes…

satyr_reSatyr by Alex R. Kirzhner

We saw hundreds of artists at comic con this year, but Alex’s work stood out immediately.

static.squarespace-1static.squarespaceFind out more about Alex and his work HERE.

IMG_7999Rachel Rising by Terry Moore

We don’t think we have to express our love of literature to you guys. As much as we love our lengthy novels, we often only have a few minutes to read and that is where comics come in. Sandman, Bone, American Vampire and Y: The Last Man are a few of our favorites but we have a new member to add to the ranks. Rachel Rising, written and illustrated by Terry Moore feels like it was created just for us. A town named Manson, a girl who just can’t seem to die and enough evil to make Satan blush; what more could we ask for? You can grab the series in individual issues or 4 paperback volumes HERE. If you’re in Philly grab at Brave New Worlds, and while you’re there ask the guys behind the counter for other ‘Way Gother’ recommendations. They’ll point you toward our faves.

IMG_4861See? We weren’t exaggerating. This story is insane.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.39.10 PMHaunted Home” limited edition print from Jellykoe

‘The Block’ is the section of comic con filled collectible toys, limited edition prints, clothes, and tons of other things to that you didn’t know you needed until you laid eyes on them.  As we approached the Jellykoe booth, we knew immediately that we wouldn’t be walking away empty handed.
The husband and wife team behind Jellykoe are creating plush monsters, prints and original paintings that are irresistible. This is what we picked up at their booth!IMG_6004We wish every piece of candy corn we’ve eaten would turn into one of these adorable candy corn ghosts!
For more information and to buy stuff, go HERE!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.28.42 PMMeow-azaki Cats‘ by Katie Cook

We found Katie Cook in Artist Alley. She draws cats. She makes mini books about our feisty feline friends, and draws them as some of our favorite characters. The best part is that she does commissions while you wait at her booth so check out her website for a list of her upcoming conventions.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.37.48 PM

Until next time. Stay Way Gother.


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