there will never be a 'new black'

Your Coffin Or Mine


Happy October! The first day of our favorite month seemed like a fitting time to make our biggest announcement!

We’re having an ART SHOW! We rounded up a bunch of tiny coffins and sent them to an amazingly eclectic group of super talented artists so that they could work their magic on them.

The show will open on the 25th of October at Art Machine Productions and we’re dying to have you all there!  There will be food, booze, and tunes to wake the dead. The show is only hanging for ONE WEEK (tiny coffins tend to be filled with tiny things, those tiny things tend to be breakable) so the best night to see them is really opening night. All coffins will be available to purchase, and because of their size, they, for the most part, should be quite reasonable in price. As art collectors and slightly impoverished individuals ourselves, we want to give you, our readers, as many opportunities as possible to own original works of art that don’t prevent you from paying your rent. That’s why we created #DarkArtsOriginals and that’s why we’re having this art show! If you can’t by chance, make it to Philadelphia during the week of the show, you MAY just get an opportunity to purchase your favorite piece online after the 1st of November…

We’re so thrilled with the group of artists that have agreed to be part of this show and we hope you see a few names on the list that you don’t recognize. We think the most fun part of art is discovering something new. The best way to check out the work in progress for our show is to check the hashtag #waygothercoffinshow  There are also still a few artists being added to the group, so look forward to those updates on our instagram. We’ll also be highlighting the work of a few of these artists here, on Way Gother between now and then.

If you would like to be a part of the show, would like to contribute something in the way of food or booze, or would like to purchase a Coffin before the show, please email us at 666@waygother.com

Until next time, Stay Way Gother.


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