there will never be a 'new black'

Three Ravens Candle Co.


Fall is HERE and we’re cherishing every minute of it.  As the nights get chillier and the sunsets get earlier, we’re lighting more and more candles.  We’ve burned through everything from pumpkin spice to patchouli, never feeling completely content with the scent. And then we were introduced to Three Ravens Candle Co.


We’re head over witch boot heels obsessed with these candles. Everything about them is extraordinarily thought out. We were ooing and ahhing over the packaging when we opened the box, we delighted in the scents while they were lit (and the lingering aroma for hours after) and marveled at how little of the soy wax had disappeared after hours of burning.

There are eight scents available and we’ve all been arguing at Way Gother Headquarters about what we’re going to tell you our favorites are.

‘Rebellatrix’ smells like tobacco and leather, but in a somehow delicate way. We want to turn it into perfume.

‘Cerimonium’ packs the most punch, filling every corner of the room with cedar, frankincense and myrrh.

‘Pyre’ is everything we love about bonfires without the shift of wind and smoke in your eyes. Combined with the smell of leather, it’s what we imagine Daenerys Targaryen smells like.

‘Covenstead’ is probably the candle we’ll burn most often. It’s not too aggressive, and you’ll have a harder time narrowing down the individual aromas that make up this comforting candle. It’s a little smokey, a little spicy and a little sweet.


Every 10oz candle comes perfectly packaged in this super sturdy black box with a black ribbon and a tag which states the name and describes the scent inside.

So here’s THE. BEST. PART. Three Ravens Candle Co is giving Way Gother readers 15% off of any order over $10.

Just use coupon code ‘WAYGOTHER’ when you’re checking out.

Shop Three Ravens Candle Co.

Follow the creator, Christina on Instagram

Stay Way Gother.



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