there will never be a 'new black'

#DarkArtsOriginals: Caitlin McCarthy


We have no idea how we’re just discovering the boundless talent that is Caitlin McCarthy, but better late than never, right? Among the hauntingly pretty prints available on her Etsy page, we found a few originals that we PROMISE we won’t buy until you’ve had a chance to see them and snatch them up for yourselves.

il_fullxfull.657694699_8aqu‘Mary Shelley’ (our favorite!) available HERE

il_fullxfull.657566880_f8ox‘Specters’ available HERE

il_fullxfull.565778142_8n29‘Sacred Love 2’ available HERE

il_fullxfull.657563208_2mds‘The Conduit’ available HERE

il_fullxfull.565892985_a5ua‘The Crown’ available HERE

Find more from Caitlin on:


And until next time,
Stay Way Gother



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