there will never be a 'new black'

Caturday! Caturday! Caturday!

Happy First Caturday of September! Here’s some cool cat stuff to feast your eyes on and pull your credit cards out for…


Crazy Kitty Sweater from Pretty Snake

Joseph Aaron Segal, the Creator of Pretty Snake, was a contestant on Season 11 of Project Runway and from the moment we saw his Crazy Kitty Sweaters we were HOOKED. He now has an INCREDIBLE online store full of clothing and accessories in different prints, but this gem is still the one that tugs at our heart strings the most.


Pharaoh letterpress print by Angryblue

I’m going to get really real with you guys for a minute. This print means the world to me, personally, because it’s based off of my first sphynx cat, Calcifer. He know longer lives with me, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.
Anyway, Justin Kamerer, the artist behind Angryblue, reached out to me and asked me for some reference pictures of Calcifer, and this hand pulled letterpress print is the result. They’re limited to a run of 100, all hand signed and numbered, and available here.

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 1.27.54 PMHang in There loose tee from Stay Home Club

The first time we saw Stay Home Club patches, we were like “we’re not the only ones!?!” And now there is a whole webstore full of things to celebrate the fact that we’re recluses and we love cats. This tee was a collab with The Disaster Life and in our opinion, it couldn’t be any more purrfect.

fling_ama_string1Fling-ama-string from Moody Pet

Cat owners, do your cats a favor and buy this immediately. We tested it out on WayGother Mascot, Morgana, and she had nothing but purrs and meows of happiness to say about it. It’s also cool because Moody Pet is a Philly based company (we have no idea why the picture is in Japanese, we just liked the demo pictures.)


We’ll leave you this Caturday with an artist you should all be following, Deth P. Sun. He often has originals available in various group shows and sometimes in his online store. Following him on Instagram is definitely the best way to keep up with what’s available.

Stay tuned this week for our Black Lipstick Review!

Until then, Stay Way Gother.


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