there will never be a 'new black'

CATURDAY ~$10 edition~


It’s Caturday and this week, we put together a list of Cute Cat Things all under $10!


The question isn’t WILL you get this adorable Kitten Sticker Pack, it’s which COLOR will you get? Available in pink & gray, black & white, or black & transparent. Only $6.62!!!


You know what we love almost as much as CATS? Misfits! We’re obsessed with these incredibly clever PINS from FelineClub and at 50cents a piece, we recommend buying a bunch so you can put them on every jacket and bag you own.


We’re absolutely captivated and enchanted by the work of Mab Graves. Everything she does is pure magic. These Crabby Cat Stickers  are a must have.


To ensure that you are always covered from head to toe in CAT, put these NAIL DECALS on your fingernails NOW! Only $8 in Sara M. Lyon’s shop, but don’t blame us if you end up spending way more $$$ on hundreds of sitckers and nail decals.

Happy Shopping!

❤ Way Gother


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